Prochem Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Chemicals

We supply a huge range of Prochem Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Chemicals to tackle everyday soiling, tough stains & bad smells.

Prochem cleaning chemicals provide professional results for extraction cleaning, treating ingrained dirt build-up on high traffic areas, carpet & fabric protection, stain removal & deodorising. Prochem chemicals are formulated with high quality, professional ingredients to tackle all types of carpet cleaning tasks.

Prochem manufacture a range of carpet cleaning detergents to effectively remove dirt build-up from carpets, rugs & fabrics. The detergents encapsulate soiling, odours & greasy deposits, allowing them to be lifted freely from the carpet’s fibres.

Within Prochems range of cleaning chemicals, you’ll also find products to remove red wine stains, tea & coffee stains & urine stains, while their range of carpet & upholstery protection chemicals help to prevent future staining.

Prochem’s range of┬ádeodorisers enable the swift treatment of bad smells such as food smells, urine contamination & smoke.

Prochem carpet cleaning products provide the solution for all types of professional carpet cleaning tasks. Prochem products are a firm favourite of professional carpet cleaners as they provide powerful performance & great value for money.