Carpet Cleaning Machine Accessories

Increase the versatility of your carpet cleaning machine with our range of¬†Carpet Cleaning Machine Accessories. As a professional carpet cleaner, you’ll know the importance of having just the right tool for the job. You want the best possible result for your customers whilst keeping to your busy work schedule. A good carpet cleaning machine tool attachment will help to cut down the time it takes to complete tough carpet & upholstery cleaning tasks, whilst achieving the finest possible results to really impress your clients!

A hand tool attachment allows the cleaning of heavy staining, upholstery, fabrics, stairs, & carpet edging. Without a hand tool, it can be difficult to reach into tight, awkward spaces or to clean around the contours of upholstered furniture such as sofas & armchairs.

Our range of vacuum hoses increase the versatility of your carpet cleaning machine, allowing a longer reach for those larger jobs. Our solution heaters are easy to attach to your carpet cleaning machine to provide continuous heated cleaning solution to allow a much deeper more thorough clean.