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Bathroom Cleaning Guide with Clover Chemicals

Bathroom Cleaning Guide with Clover Chemicals

Our Bathroom Cleaning Guide with Clover Chemicals has been developed to make it easier to professionally clean bathrooms and washroom areas with Clover cleaning products

Cleaning bathrooms, washroom areas and public toilets within commercial premises such as hotels, restaurants, department stores and nursing homes can be a daunting task. Dirt, odours, grime, mould, bacteria and limescale can quickly accumulate in a bathroom, leaving the area with bad smells and surfaces looking dull, dirty and un-cared for. It is important that a strict hygiene cleaning schedule is kept to help to ensure that users of the washroom area are safe from bacterial contamination from touching door handles, dispensers and other washroom fixtures.

If the bathroom looks dirty, hotel guests may request a refund, not return for another visit and may leave a negative review online of the accommodation.

One of the most important elements of a guest room within a hotel or B&B is the cleanliness of the bathroom facilities. Customers and guests will never be happy toileting or washing in a dirty-looking or smelly environment, so it is of utmost importance to keep on top of a regular and thorough washroom cleaning routine.

Clover bathroom cleaners are formulated to deliver exceptional results, whilst providing great value for money.

Clover Chemicals bathroom cleaning products are for professional use only. Clover Chemicals manufacture a huge range of cleaning chemicals to provide solutions for all types of tough cleaning tasks for professional cleaning within homes and commercial venues.

Our professional bathroom Cleaning Guide

At a glance, you can determine which of Clover Chemicals’ bathroom cleaning products to use for each job within the bathroom and how to dilute and apply that particular product.

Our handy guide will show you the best Clover bathroom cleaner for each job you’ll come across during bathroom, washroom and public toilet cleaning tasks, including products for toilet and urinal cleaning, degreasing, sanitising, mould removal, odour neutralising and descaling. With such a range of dirt and grime which can accumulate in both domestic and commercial bathrooms and washrooms, it can be difficult to know which product to use for each job.

Our guide highlights the best product for each cleaning job, along with the dilution rate, how to apply the product and which surfaces the product can and cannot be used on.

Our Bathroom Cleaning Guide with Clover Chemicals is also available in PDF format, which can also be downloaded, printed and put up in the place of work, so that employees have a permanent guide to refer to as to how to use each cleaning product they may use to clean the area. They can also determine the dilution rate of each product, which can cut down on wastage of the cleaning products being used.

Please use our Bathroom Cleaning Guide with Clover Chemicals guide with care – We cannot take responsibility for any injury or damage caused by following our tips.

Click the link to download the Bathroom Cleaning Guide with Clover Chemicals PDF

Clover Urika Descaler 5 Litre & 1 Litre
Heavy duty descalingcloth and mop iconsTaps, sinks, baths, shower cubicles, worktops, tiles, floorsMarble, limestone, enamelUndiluted
Clover Lance Foaming Descaler 750ml
Maintenance descalingspray iconTaps, sinks, baths, shower cubicles, worktops, tiles, floorsMarble, limestone, enamelUndiluted
Clover UBIK 2000 Degreaser 5 Litre
UBIK 2000
Degreasing floors, walls & surfacescloth and mop iconsAll wet-cleanable surfaces-Light dirt: 1 part product to 100 parts water

Heavy dirt: 1 part product to 100 parts water

Hardened dirt: Use undiluted
Clover Fresh Wild Lemon Floor & Surface Disinfectant
Disinfectant surface cleaner - Allow 5 mins. contact timemop,spray,cloth iconsWet cleanable surfaces to be disinfected - Walls, floors, counter tops, bins, washroom accessories-1 part product to 30 parts water
Clover Brite Glass Cleaner 1 Litre & 5 Litre
Glass / mirror cleanerspray iconWindows, glass, mirrors, aluminium etc.-Undiluted
Clover Thick Bleach
Mould removalToilets, drains, tiles, floors, walls to treat mould & disinfectMay damage fabrics & sensitive surfaces - Pre-testing is advisedLight dirt: 1 part product to 120 parts water

Heavy dirt/ mould: Undiluted
Clover Acid Wash 80 Acidic Cleaner & Descaler 1 Litre & 5 Litre
Heavy duty toilet/ urinal cleanerToilet bowls/ non-metal urinalsMetal - Stainless steel, chromeUndiluted
Clover Zakol Toilet Cleaner
Everyday toilet/ urinal cleanerToilet bowls/ non-metal urinalsMetal - Stainless steel, chromeUndiluted

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Bathroom cleaning routine

It is a good idea to carefully plan your bathroom cleaning routine, especially in larger commercial washrooms or within a hotel environment, where time is of the essence.

Having a well-thought-out cleaning strategy will help you to get each job done safely, effectively and quickly.

Things to think about before you start cleaning

  • Clover Chemicals are for professional use only
  • Always read the cleaning product’s label before use, paying attention to any cautions
  • Never mix chemicals
  • Be sure to wear suitable protective clothing and gloves
  • Place ‘Cleaning in Progress’ safety floor signs around the whole area
  • A good cleaning plan should allow time for any chemicals which need prolonged contact time, such as disinfectants or descalers
  • When cleaning any room, you should start at the top (ceilings, walls, doors) and work downwards towards the floor
  • You may have to dilute some of your bathroom cleaning chemicals and decant into spray/ application bottles- Give yourself time to do this. Remember to mark your spray bottles with the diluted cleaning solutions so that you know what each one is
  • Be sure to have plenty of cleaning cloths at hand

Our bathroom and washroom cleaning routine

  • Clear any bathroom accessories – Toiletry bottles, soap dishes, etc.
  • Clean the ceiling( if necessary), tiled walls, doors, cabinets etc. ( don’t forget the tops of doors where dust and dirt can gather)
  • Treat any patches of mould
  • Empty and clean inside cabinets (if necessary), clean cabinet doors
  • Clean the washroom counter top surfaces
  • Clean the sink, shower cubicle, shower head, taps and bath tub
  • Clean and re-fill soap and tissue dispensers
  • Empty, clean out and disinfect bins
  • Clean windows, glass, mirrors
  • Clean the floor – Allow the floor to dry fully before removing the ‘Cleaning in Progress’ safety floor signs