iVo Power Brush Kit – Handheld Surface Cleaning Machine


Let the revolutionary Power Brush do all the hard work for you! Scrub, clean & polish a huge range of surfaces within your home or commercial premises, without the elbow grease!

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The iVo Power Brush

The iVo Power Brush is a revolutionary new handheld cleaning tool. Effortlessly scrub, clean and polish all types of surfaces with the cordless Power Brush with its choice of cleaning head attachments. The handheld cleaning, scrubbing and polishing brush is ideal for a range of janitorial cleaning tasks and for cleaning within the home and commercial venues to ensure clean, well maintained surfaces and floors.


  • High torque
  • Waterproof
  • Battery powered
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Faster cleaning
  • Light weight

The Power Brush is available in a choice of kit sizes

Kit 1 – Light User Kit


  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Nylon Brush & Scrubbing Set
  • 1 Double Charging Unit

Kit 2 – Standard Kit


  • 3 Batteries
  • 1 Nylon Brush & Scrubbing Set
  • 1 iVo Power Brush Storage Bag
  • 1 Double Charging Unit

Kit 3 – Contractors Kit


  • 3 Batteries
  • 1 Nylon Brush & Scrubbing Set
  • 1 Soft Brush & Polishing Set
  • 1 Large Brush & Buffing Set
  • 1 Stainless Steel Brush Set
  • 1 Pack Maroon Scrubbing Pads x 10
  • 1 iVo Power Brush Storage Bag
  • 1 Double Charging Unit

The iVo Power Brush Overview Video Presentation

Where Can I Use It?

The iVo Power Brush enables the easy scrubbing and cleaning of all types of surfaces in all types of premises. It is ideal for use around the home or in commercial business venues, such as offices, shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants, schools, gyms and churches to make light work of those tougher cleaning jobs.

The Power Brush is available in a choice of 3 kits to suit your venue and usage needs. The kits contain different brush and pad attachment heads. The head attachments are easily changed to make cleaning a wide range of surfaces quick and easy.

Cleaning Head Attachments

The Nylon Brush Scrubbing Set – Included in all 3 kit choices

The Nylon Brush Scrubbing Set can be used to clean a range of surfaces including –

  • Floor edges
  • Steps & stairs
  • Grout
  • Taps
  • Sinks
  • Shower fittings
  • Wood

The Nylon Brush Scrubbing Set is ideal for scrubbing and cleaning hard to reach areas on hard surfaces and floors. The Power Brush will enable you to scrub edges of flooring, where your rotary machine cannot reach. Steps and stairs, which would usually require manual scrubbing with a pad or brush, can be easily scrubbed and cleaned. Grouting, which can be hard to reach, and where dirt and grime often accumulates, can be cleaned and scrubbed with ease. The Nylon Brush Scrubbing Set also enables the easy cleaning around taps, sinks, and shower fittings to remove grease, grime and limescale build-up.

The Soft Brush & Polishing Set – Included in Kit 3 only

The Soft Brush & Polishing Set can be used to clean a range of surfaces including –

  • Leather
  • Upholstery
  • Carpets
  • Delicate surfaces

The Soft Brush & Polishing Set is ideal for the gentle cleaning, polishing and dusting of a range of surfaces including leather and upholstered furniture. The soft pad can also be used to spot clean carpets, removing ground-in dirt and stains fast.

The Large Brush & Buffing Set – Included in Kit 3 only

The Large Brush & Buffing Set can be used to clean a range of surfaces including –

  • Vehicles
  • Outdoor signs
  • Carpets
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Mirrors

The Large Brush & Buffing Set enables the gentle cleaning of larger surfaces, such as glass, mirrors, car wheels, toilets, sinks, splash backs and outdoor signs. The buffing pad can also be used to clean carpets. The soft pad has a washable microfibre cover which will work your carpet cleaning solution deep into the fibres of the carpet. The microfibre cover will absorb the cleaning solution and dirt, removing it from the carpet in one easy step.

The Stainless Steel Brush Set – Included in Kit 3 only

The Stainless Steel Brush Set can be used to clean a range of surfaces including –

  • Grout
  • Ovens
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Industrial machines
  • Industrial kitchen surfaces

The Stainless Steel Brush Set can be used to clean tough dirt from stone, metal, ovens and industrial machines. Stone and brick can be scrubbed to remove dirt, rust, algae and staining. Industrial surfaces and intricate machine components can be cleaned easily to remove the build-up of dirt, grease and grime. The stainless steel brushes can also be used to prepare wooden surfaces such as wooden chairs and benches prior to painting or varnishing.

The Maroon Scrubbing Pads (Pack of 10) – Included in Kit 3 only

The Maroon Scrubbing Pads can be used to clean a range of surfaces including –

  • Glass
  • Tiles
  • Sinks
  • Baths

The Maroon Scrubbing Pads are great for the thorough cleaning of a range of non-sensitive hard surfaces such as glass, tiles, toilets, sinks and baths. The Maroon Scrubbing Pads will remove tough grease and grime in hard to reach areas to ensure clean, well maintained surfaces. Supplied in Kit 3 in a pack of 10.

Watch the iVo Group’s informative presentation, which demonstrates the machine’s ease of use and versatility.


Simple to use & maintain

The iVo Power Brush is fully waterproof to enable the wet cleaning of surfaces and to enable the easy rinsing of the brush attachment and body of the tool. The Power Brush is battery operated so that it can be used in all types of areas, without requiring a plug socket or restricting cleaning because of a power cord.

The brush and pad head attachments can be changed in just a few seconds, to enable the easy use of the Power Brush on a huge range of different surface types, with very little downtime. The battery compartment is easily accessible to remove and insert the battery. The Powerbrush unit is started and stopped by a simple push on/ off button.


The Power Brush has a high torque, meaning the brush will continue to spin even when pressure is applied to the brush. The high torque motor enables the user to push down firmly onto a surface to achieve a deeper clean or surface abrasion, without causing the motor to stop.


The Power Brush has a lightweight, non-slip, soft-feel, rubberised body to ensure the machine is comfortable to use. The Power Brush features an incredibly tough construction which will not crack or split if dropped or crushed.

Watch the iVo Group’s entertaining presentation to find out just how strong the Power Brush is.

The team put the Power Brush through a range of extreme challenges, testing its impressive strength and durability.


The machine’s battery will provide around an hour of cleaning and scrubbing power. The battery requires around 3 hours to fully recharge once drained. Kits 2 and 3 come complete with 3 batteries to ensure no downtime is required whilst carrying out those larger jobs. All 3 kits come complete with a double battery charging unit.

Kit Storage Bag

Kit choices 2 and 3 come complete with a high quality storage bag so that you can keep the brush, attachments and spare batteries organised and ready to use. The bag has a strong carry handle and can easily be transported from one job to the next.


The iVo Group are passionate about developing innovative cleaning machines to help to make tough cleaning jobs less of a chore! The Power Brush is easy to use, virtually indestructible and will ensure your cleaning jobs can be completed quickly, with no fuss, no elbow grease, just incredible results!

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