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How to Clean Windows Professionally

How to Clean Windows Professionally Tips

Take a look at our useful tips on how to clean windows professionally for an easy, fast and effective method of cleaning windows to a smear-free, sparking finish! 

If you’re considering starting up a new window cleaning business, or would like to find out more about window cleaning methods to learn how to clean windows professionally at your home or business premises, our guide will teach you, step-by-step the correct way to clean windows to achieve professional results. Your customers will be delighted with their clean, smear-free, sparkling windows and will be sure to book you to clean their windows on a regular basis.

Dirty windows can make a building look un-cared for and untidy. Dirt build-up such as pollution, bird droppings and general grime means that light cannot get through the glass, reducing the amount of sunlight you’ll have coming into your home or company premises through your windows. By learning how to clean your windows professionally, or by employing a professional window cleaner, you can ensure your home or business premises looks smart and well kept the whole year round.

The Solution

If necessary, erect your ‘cleaning in progress’ signs around the area in which you’ll be cleaning the windows, to warn people of potential hazards.

  • Begin by mixing your window cleaning detergent with hot water in your window cleaning bucket – the hot water will help to penetrate and remove the dirt
  • Apply the solution to the windows with an applicator, agitate the surface to remove tough dirt and bird droppings – TOP TIP – Do not apply the window cleaning solution right to the top of the frame, leave a 1cm strip across the top to avoid drips
  • For the removal of stickers, use a sticky label remover chemical with a razor scraper. The scraper is also useful for removing other tough dirt and grime such as bird droppings
  • Squeegee off the solution using your professional window cleaning squeegee – TOP TIP – Try to remove all of the water from the glass in one pass of your squeegee, to avoid leaving water-runs and streaks
  • Occasionally wipe your squeegee blade to remove any dirt build-up
  • Now that you have cleaned the windows with your applicator and squeegee, finish the window cleaning with a scrim cloth or microfibre cloth. This will polish the glass, removing any final water marks or smears

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