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How to Remove Old Polish from Floors

Cleaning Tips - How to Remove Old Polish from Floors

Follow our cleaning tips to discover how to remove old polish from floors. With just a few steps, your floors will be protected from dirt build-up, scratches & scuffs

Hard flooring within your home or company premises provides a long lasting and attractive alternative to carpeted floors. Hard flooring can be swept and mop cleaned easily to keep it dirt and dust-free to keep it looking good and smelling fresh.
The hard flooring on high traffic areas within business premises, such as schools, churches and doctors surgeries can quickly accumulate dirt and grime, which can become ingrained in the floor’s surface. Applying 2 coats of a good floor polish will help to maintain the floor, providing a layer of protection to stop dirt setting in for good!

Over time however, floor polish can start to wear away, giving an uneven appearance to the floor. Some patches will remain shiny, whereas areas where the polish has been worn will look dull and discoloured. When the polish on your flooring has started to wear away in places, you may wish to remove all of the polish and apply a whole new layer, to once again make the flooring look perfectly even and remain protected from scuffs, scratches and ingrained dirt.

Our solution is suitable for use on vinyl, wood, laminate and stone, subject to manufacturer’s directions. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area before full application.

The Solution

      • Always follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Read and store the product’s safety data sheet
      • Sweep or vacuum the entire area to remove any loose dirt and debris
      • Put on your protective clothing, as instructed by the manufacturer’s directions
      • Protect any surrounding flooring from accidental overspill
      • Mix your solution of floor stripper in your mop bucket
      • Generously apply the solution with a mop and allow to stand so that the stripper can penetrate the layers of old polish
      • Use your standard speed floor machine with a black pad to remove heavy polish build-up
      • Remove all slurry with your wet vac
      • Use a clean mop with a water and vinegar solution to remove any residue or marks left from your wet vac machine (just a splash of vinegar in your mop bucket)
      • Once your floor is clean and dry, apply 2-3 coats of a good floor polish with a lint-free applicator
      • Allow to dry fully before walking on the floor

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