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Prochem Stain Removal Guide

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Discover the Prochem range of carpet stain treatment solutions to help you tackle tough stains

Throughout your professional carpet cleaning career, you’ll come across a wide range of stains on carpets & rugs you work on. Within your carpet cleaning kit, it is a good idea to carry stain treatments for at least the most common stains found on carpets such as tea, coffee, red wine, ink, food & blood.

Prochem Stain Treatments

Prochem cleaning products include a range of carpet stain treatments to help you tackle a huge range of stains. Below, we’ve listed common stains you may come across, along with the Prochem stain treatment chemical which you should use to remove the stain.

Although Prochem chemicals are extremely effective, not all stains can be removed. Very old, set-in stains may require more than one application & it may not be possible to completely remove the stain. The sooner a stain can be treated the better the final result will be.

Carpet stain removal tips

  • Before using any chemical, always pre-test in an inconspicuous area before the full application – Check for adverse colour or texture change.
  • Remove as much of the soiling as possible before you begin the treatment – Remove solid matter using a blunt knife or spatula. Blot spills & liquid stains with a clean white towel, applying firm pressure, to absorb as much of the liquid stain as possible before proceeding.
  • Always blot, never brush or rub the stain which can cause the stain to become more ingrained in the carpet fibres.
  • Do not over-wet the carpet with solvent stain treatments. Blot the area frequently during the treatment.
  • Work from the outside of the stain towards the centre to prevent ring marks.
  • Complete the stain removal treatment with Fibre & Fabric Rinse.

Common carpet stains & their treatments

Use our handy stain removal guide to treat a range of stains with the Prochem stain treatment chemical which will provide the best outcome. Within the table, we have added stain treatments which should be used if the initial treatment is not successful.

Our guide should be followed with care – Always follow the manufacturer’s directions. Contact Prochem for advice if in any doubt before using the stain treatment.

StainChemical to useIf stain remains, try -If stain remains, try -
BloodMicrosan (To avoid contamination) Stain ProRust RemoverOxibrite
ChocolateStain ProN/AN/A
CoffeeStain ProCoffee Stain RemoverOxibrite
Draught MarksUltrapac RenovateFilter-OutN/A
Fake TanNeutral Pro-SpotterRed RXN/A
Food ColouringStain ProNeutral Pro-SpotterRed RX
Fruit JuiceStain ProRed RXN/A
Glue (Water Based)Neutral Pro-SpotterStain ProN/A
GrassCitrus GelStain ProN/A
Grease SpotsSolvex or Solvall SpotterCitrus GelStain Pro
Grease (Larger areas)PowerburstFollow grease spots treatmentsN/A
Hair DyeNeutral Pro-SpotterRed RXN/A
Ink - Ball Point PenSolvex or Ink SolvCitrus Gel or Stain ProN/A
Lily PollenCitrus GelInk SolvN/A
JamNeutral Pro-SpotterStain ProN/A
KetchupStain ProNeutral Pro-SpotterRed RX
LipstickSolvall Spotter or Citrus GelSolvexN/A
Marker PenInk SolvN/AN/A
MascaraSolvall Spotter or Citrus gelSolvexN/A
Mould & MildewNeutral Pro-SpotterStain Pro or Multi ProOxibrite
MilkStain ProSolvex or Citrus GelNeutral Pro-Spotter
Nail PolishSolvex or Ink SolvCitrus GelN/A
OilSolvall SpotterCitrus GelSolvex
Paint (Oil-Based)Solvall SpotterCitrus GelSolvex
Paint (Water-Based)Neutral Pro-SpotterSolvall SpotterCitrus Gel
RustRust RemoverN/AN/A
Shoe PolishSolvex or Solvall SpotterCitrus GelN/A
Tar & AsphaltSolvall Spotter or SolvexCitrus GelNeutral Pro-Spotter
TeaStain ProCoffee Stain RemoverOxibrite
UrineUrine NeutraliserRinse with a HOT solution of fibre & Fabric RinseN/A
VomitStain ProNeutral Pro-SpotterN/A
WineRed RXStain Pro or Neutral Pro-SpotterN/A