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Prochem Machine Buying Guide

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Take a look at our handy Prochem machine buying guide to help you choose the best Prochem machine for your venue and usage needs

A high performance portable carpet cleaning machine is an essential tool for many commercial and domestic premises to keep upholstery and carpets clean and fresh. For professional carpet cleaners, who will rely on the effectiveness of the machine to deliver the very best results for their customers, choosing the right extraction machine is one of the most important decisions to make.

With such a wide choice of Prochem machines, it can be difficult to choose the machine with the specifications which will fit your needs the best.

Why do I need an extraction machine?

Dirt, spills and stains can quickly become a problem, leaving a venue or room looking dull and un-cared for. Bad smells can also build up, leading to an unpleasant environment for staff, customers or guests. Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpets and upholstery with a good extraction cleaning machine will help to ensure that the environment stays clean, fresh and looking its very best.

Purchasing a new Prochem machine should be a considered investment. You’ll want to select the best carpet cleaning machine for your particular needs. There are various factors to consider before choosing a carpet extraction machine to help ensure that the machine you choose has the features you require, while offering the practicality you need to use, transport and store the machine.

Take a look at our guide to choosing a Prochem machine.

Things to consider before choosing a Prochem extraction machine

What will the machine be used for?

If you need an extraction machine to use for cleaning customer’s carpets and upholstery, consider the type of houses you’ll likely be asked to clean. A smaller machine will be easier to transport from job to job, but may require frequent re-filling and emptying of the solution and recovery tanks during the job if it is in a larger premises.

If you require an extraction machine for use in a venue where spills and heavy dirt build-up is less likely, for example a church, where just the upholstered chairs need to be cleaned or small areas of carpet, a smaller machine would be ideal to tackle small areas of staining on the upholstery and carpet. A venue such as a nightclub, hotel or pub may require a larger, more powerful machine to extract liquid spills, food stains and heavy dirt build-up on high traffic areas.

A venue which is looking for a machine which will clean carpets, upholstery and hard floors should choose a machine which incorporates all of those features so that only one machine is needed; cutting down on costs and the required storage space for multiple machines.

For use in car valeting, the extraction machine chosen should be a good size, so that less time is spent re-filling and emptying the tanks. A machine with a high suction power should be chosen to help ensure that the dirt, stains and odours are extracted easily and that the client’s upholstery and vehicle carpets are left as dry as possible after the clean.

  • Larger venues will require an extraction machine with larger tanks to avoid frequent emptying and re-filling.
  • Venues with small areas of carpet and upholstery to clean with low traffic and low dirt build-up may benefit from a more compact extraction machine.
  • Do you need the machine to clean just upholstery, or upholstery & carpets? Would a machine that also cleans hard floors be beneficial to you?
  • Car valeters may benefit from an extraction machine with larger tanks and powerful vacuum to ensure maximum solution extraction to leave the upholstery and vehicle carpets as dry as possible after the clean.

Transporting & storing the machine

Another factor to consider is how easy the machine will be to transport. If you are a professional carpet cleaner and need to transport the machine frequently from one job to the next, it will need to be a machine which can be lifted comfortably. Frequent lifting of a heavy machine may result in injury. The machine you choose must also fit into your vehicle. If the machine will remain at one premises, do you have enough space to store it?

  • Can the machine be lifted comfortably? Will you have to lift the machine alone, or will you have help?
  • Do you have enough space in your vehicle to transport the machine? Take into consideration the other items you’ll also need to transport with you – chemicals, accessories, tools etc.
  • Do you have enough room to store the machine? A large machine will require a larger storage space.


Purchasing a Prochem machine is a considered purchase. With prices ranging from around £600 right up to £4,000, you’ll want to make the right choice. A good extraction machine however will help to generate an income – Good reviews and word of mouth endorsements from your customers are a sure fire way to ensure repeat customers and gain new ones. Using a sub-standard machine will deliver sub-standard results and you’ll quickly lose customers. You may wish to start off small however, by starting out with a smaller machine and only taking on jobs you know your machine can tackle. This way you can be more sure that you can deliver the results you need to achieve and once the business has built-up in that way, you may consider purchasing a larger and more powerful machine so that you can take on larger jobs.

Purchasing a machine for use in a venue will enable you to keep upholstery and carpets clean and fresh. A carpet which is allowed to remain dirty will soon become too unsightly and may no longer respond to stain treatments as the stains and dirt will be too deeply ingrained in the carpet’s fibres. Dirt also acts as an abrasive, every time you step on the carpet the dirt acts like sandpaper, cutting into and damaging the carpet’s fibres. This means that the carpets or upholstered furniture would need to be replaced much sooner than if they had been regularly cleaned. Having new carpets fitted is an expensive and inconvenient procedure.

  • Purchasing a high performance machine will help to ensure customer satisfaction, gaining repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations.
  • Using your machine to regularly clean upholstery and carpets will prolong the need for costly and inconvenient carpet and upholstery replacements.

We have put together a handy Prochem Machine Buying Guide table to show the features, size and weight of Prochem portable carpet and upholstery cleaning machines, so that you can quickly evaluate which machine would suit your venue and needs the best.

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Prochem machine buying guide

Bravo Spotter - BV100Bravo Plus - BV300Comet - TR419Fivestar - TR300Galaxy - AX500Polaris 500 - SP500Polaris 700 - SP700Polaris 800 - SP800
Solution tank6 litres9 litres11.3 litres11.3 litres18 litres19 litres26.5 litres30 litres
Recovery tank13.2 litres13.2 litres11.3 litres11.3 litres12 litres
Vacuum motor2 stage by-pass2 stage by-pass2 stage by-pass2 stage by-pass2 stage by-pass2 stage by-pass2 stage by-pass2 x 2 stage by-pass
Solution pressure3.7 bar (55 psi)3.7 bar (55 psi)5.6 bar (80 psi)5.6 bar (80 psi)8.2 bar (120 psi)8.2 bar (120 psi)8.2 bar (120 psi)8.2 bar (120 psi)
Hand toolIncludedOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Hard floor function---Yes----
Power brush--YesYes-YesYesYes
Dimensions52 x 38 x 33 cm59 x 38 x 35 cm60 x 58 x 30 cm60 x 58 x 30 cm70 x 64 x 40 cm99 x 76 x 35 cm99 x 76 x 43 cm96 x 122 x 48 cm
Steempro Powerflo - SX2000Steempro Powermax - SX2100Steempro Powerplus - SX2700Endeavor 500 - SX9500
Solution tank35litres35 litres55 litres50 litres
Recovery tank26 litres26 litres41 litres50 litres
Vacuum motor3 stage by-pass2 x 3 stage by-pass2 x 3 stage by-pass2 stage 8.4" by-pass
Solution pressure8.2 bar (120 psi)10.2 bar (150 psi)14.9 bar (220 psi)34 bar (500 psi)
Hand toolOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Hard floor function----
Power brush----
Dimensions89 x 78 x 45 cm89 x 78 x 45 cm96 x 80 x 50 cm111 x 86 x 58 cm